Hikou no mizu

About Hikou no mizu


Hikou no mizu is a free platform-based fighting game, licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (program) and the LAL (graphics).
It works on many operating systems including GNU/Linux, *BSD, OS X and Windows.

The characters use natural powers such as water or lightning, but they can also fight the traditional way ;-).


The project is under active development, you can download the latest binaries or grab the source code from svn.


Hikou no mizu 0.6.2

Hey !
Shortly after Hikou no mizu 0.6.1, here is Hikou no mizu 0.6.2, featuring graphical key bindings !
See the download page to download it !

Enjoy !

20/02/2016 - 19h15

Hikou no mizu 0.6.1

Hi there !
Shortly after Hikou no mizu 0.6, here is Hikou no mizu 0.6.1, featuring a functional AI.
The game is now playable alone ! ;)
See the download page to download it !

Enjoy !

03/02/2016 - 15h15

Hikou no mizu 0.6 released !

After some years without a news (due to time-demanding studies), I am happy to announce the release of Hikou no mizu 0.6 !
See the download page to download it !

Changelog :

utf8 characters management ?
Jump animations
... :)

Enjoy !

30/01/2016 - 15h02

Svn snapshot

Hi there ! Long time no see ;)
It's been a while since hnm 0.1 was released, so here's a little report of what happened with development last months !
I also compiled a snapshot of the game's current state (rev. 87), which you can download below, enjoy !

New animation handling

That's the first task I worked on after 0.1 was released. Back then, animations used to have a fixed origin point (bottom left of each frame), which made lots of characters' positions impossible. (Eg. : If a character puts an arm left, his arm will become his left origin and his body will move right as a consequence).
Now, each frame both have a content box, containing all the pixels data to be shown on screen, and a body box, only containing the body of the character, thus, the animation is fixed bottom left of the body box, and the overall image isn't fixed anymore (if a character puts an arm left, the arm will go left and the body won't move, as expected).

New attacks handling

Along with the new animations format, I also added more flexibility to attacks handling, one can now specify precise hit boxes for characters attacks, at a given time and of a given strenght (hit strength is multiplied by character's strength). Thus, a single attack can damage multiple times, at two different points, ...
Configuration for attacks & animations is done in data/gfx/characters/[name]/data.xml.

New physics

The physics engine was completely redesigned due to a conception issue : it was manipulating graphics coordinates, which allows any kind of evil (!) collision. The system is now reversed: physics objects have independant coords that only them can modify, graphics just match them. As a consequence, physics should be perfectly reliable now (at least I wasn't able to cause any unwanted collision). Also, physics object can now change their width & height safely (try to jump on takino ;)).
That's it for physics. Oh ! And you can enable the "debug" mode in the options screen to see boxes yourself :).
p.s: Characters' physics boxes are characters' body boxes. (see "New animation handling").

New GUI / option screen

I improved the GUI system and added new widgets. These new widgets are used in a new "options" screen, where you can edit the configuration in game (currently, only resolution and debug mode can be configured that way). There is still work to do although (Help is welcome ! ;)) : Better widgets graphics, spinner, in game players keys cfg...

Graphics ! - Title screen background / New hikou

This snapshot features a new Hikou (pretty Hikou :3), you can see him in the banner above (pretty banner ;)).
You can find mypaint and synfing animation files on the download repository (link to come). Also, a title screen has been added ! It's a nod to a well-know anime, the first one who writes its name in the forums wins a free beer ;).
I'll now try to draw walking, kicking, walk-kick and walk-punch animations for Hikou, and redraw Takino as well. Anyway, graphics really are a sensible part of Hikou no mizu (It's the kind of project which needs lots of graphics), so, if you like anime drawing, I'll really appreciate any (even small) help :).

Last but not least

Well, I think that's all :). Thanks for reading and thanks for the interest you put in the project !
Don't hesitate to subscribe on the forums, I feel quite lonely these times ;).
See you later !

03/03/2013 - 20h52

Hikou no mizu 0.1

Hello :) Final 0.1 is out !

Since the preview, work was done for improving the renderer : It now supports openGL 1.1 and later. Hikou no mizu was previously using Non-power-of-two textures, only supported since openGL 2.0. Preventing the game to work on many GPU it could run well on.

Data format was modified to handle this. Animations were packed into pow2-sized sprite sheets. This also avoids frame repetition, shrinking the size and RAM-usage of the game (1.9 MiB unpacked against 3.4 MiB for preview). Finally, arenas' data were packed into a single pow2-sized texture.

As usual, here are the download and screenshot sections ! Enjoy :)

26/05/2012 - 17h46

Hikou no mizu 0.1 (preview)

After about half and a year of development, the time has come : Hikou no mizu 0.1 is almost ready :) All the core modules were implemented, and the game now has a solid base to rely on.
You can already download it, some changes need to be made for final release however (plus hnm 0.1 should be compiled on Windows).
Here is a quick changelog from release 6 to 0.1

Directly using SDL and openGL, openAL, not to mention other great libs (freetype, libogg, libvorbis, libvorbisfile), allows the game to be much more lightweight, stable, and flexible. Also, sfml contains non-free content (proprietary Arial font included).

This libraries change was an opportunity to clean up some parts of the source code (such as the Makefile or data/COPYING).
Finally, hnm 0.1 has a certain amount of new features too, including time-based movements, dynamic arena size or end of fight.

Hoping you'll enjoy playing the game ;)

24/03/2012 - 15h10

Video !

Hi :) I captured a short video, it shows the current subversion revision featuring full time-handling !
Here it is :

12/11/2011 - 18h43

Development news !

Long time no see ! This is a little note about the course of development.
Shortly after the release of 6th revision; the holidays ended for the project, causing a slight decrease in activity.
Hikou no mizu 0.1 wasn't released as soon as expected, but as of today, it's just a matter of time.

What have been done since release 6 : What is left to do :
12/10/2011 - 20h21

6th Release is out

Release 6 is finally out :-), I couldn't upload it before 'cause... Hum... You know, holidays ;-)... sorry :-)

Only a few modifications and improvements are still needed to release Hikou no mizu 0.1, the first really playable version of the project ;-).
I'll also set up a wiki (Dokuwiki) !

05/08/2011 - 22h36

6th Release's features

Release 6 should be out this week :-).
It provides :

After this release, the basics of the game engine will be nearly ended, and I'll concentrate on developping gameplay to release Hikou no mizu 0.1(?) ! :-)
Oh, and the website got a forum :-)

14/07/2011 - 22h56

Hello tuxfamily.org

This week, the project moved from sourceforge to tuxfamily.org,
It's a free as in free speech hoster providing lots of great services :-) (More informations).
I'm currently documenting access to subversion repositories, ... :-)

05/06/2011 - 15h16

Release 5 is out !

Hello !
Just posting to say I just finished Hikou no mizu's fifth revision :-)
I'm currently compiling it on as much operating systems as I can, I'll upload binaries tomorrow :-)
A good news is that I installed FreeBSD, so, an official FreeBSD version will come with this revision !

You can already download the sources of this release using the SVN repository of Hikou no mizu ! Enjoy :-).

01/06/2011 - 21h34

Next release's features overview

I'm currently working on the next important release of Hikou no mizu,
Its main improvement is a solid screen management system coming with three screens :

A minimalist GUI was also developped to build menus.
Here are some screenshots :-) :

Main menu
Main menu
Characters menu
Characters menu
Fight screen
Fight screen

22/05/2011 - 16h20

Release 4 demo

Hi there !,
The fourth release of Hikou no mizu is out ! You can download the sources, the GNU/Linux 32 bits and 64 bits version, and the Windows one here.
You can take a look at some screenshots in the appropriate section :-), Also, this video shows you this release's new features, you can now jump but it's no longer possible to leave the window :-).

19/02/2011 - 20/02/2011

New section

The "screenshots" section was added to the website. It contains some images of the game :-).
Click here to reach it.


Engines demo

Here is a video showing the graphics and physics engines of Hikou no mizu. Enjoy ;-).